Excited to see Sony has started rolling out PlayStation 4 demo kiosks to retailers? If so, we hope you’re bright enough to bring a gallon of hand sanitizer with you considering how many snot-nosed kids will be getting their always-sticky hands on the PlayStation 4 controllers on the kiosks. The rest of us who already know they’ll soon be owners of the PlayStation 4 are probably curious to see what the retail packaging will look like, especially since Microsoft drew first blood by not only showing their retail packaging, but also giving a quick look at what comes in the box of the Xbox One. It’s your lucky day, future PS4 owner, as Sony has just released what the PlayStation 4, as well as its accessories, will look like when it’s either delivered to your home or you pick it up from a retailer.


As you’d expect, Sony continues the blue and white color scheme they’ve been using for their game-related products for quite some time for all of their PlayStation 4-related products, including the PS4 itself, of course. Not only do we get a chance to see what the PS4’s retail packaging looks like, but packaging for the DualShock 4, its charging station, the PlayStation Eye and the console’s vertical stand were all revealed by PlayStation Europe community manager Chris Owen.

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