Hate dipping your hand in ice to retrieve your favorite beverage from the cooler? There’s now a much more easier way of retrieving those chilled beer cans on a hot summer day. Introducing Cooler Cannon, a remote controlled cooler than holds up to 18 12oz. cans and ice and tosses them at the touch of a button up to eight feet away. Once a can is tossed, another one is loaded within two seconds, so that people don’t have to wait to catch their cans. A pass-through lid is employed, meaning that the entire cooler lid isn’t opened, just a section large enough for the can to get through, thus keeping the contents chilled for longer periods of time.


The concept is actually quite simple. The tossing mechanism uses a lever and a spring. Once a button on the remote is pressed, a small DC motor powered through a 12V battery is activated. The motor makes one revolution and acts as a cam on the way down, on the way up it acts as a release mechanism tripping the latch. As interesting and intriguing Cooler Cannon is, its not like you can pick up one at a local store. Its actually a crowdfunded project on Kickstarter that needs your support to raise $275,000. The lowest pledge that guarantees one Cooler Cannon is $200 right now, though you’ll have to wait for nearly a year for it to arrive. Cooler Cannons are estimated to ship in August 2014.

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