sims-freeplayThe Sims FreePlay would be the latest title from Electronic Arts that would make its way to the Nokia Lumia platform, and if you happen to own just such a smartphone from that particular company, perhaps you might want to consider giving The Sims FreePlay a go. After all, have this particular mindset that not all free things in this world are bad, and you might be pleasantly surprised. When The Sims was first released, it certainly captured the imagination of many, as we invest real world hours into the life of a virtual character. Kinda twisted, but the idea caught on. Well, The Sims FreePlay offers you yet another chance to control an entire town of virtual people right on the comfort of your Nokia Lumia handset.


In The Sims FreePlay, you are able to follow the lives of all your Sims in a newly established town, checking out one after another as they go about their own daily business. As to what they are up to, that onus falls back upon you. You will be presented with numerous plots of empty residential land at first which needs to be purchased, where some construction work will be carried out so that future homes can be filled with Sims whom you will direct their life. The Sims FreePlay will be made available for Windows Phone 8 smartphones that have a minimu of 1GB RAM, including the Nokia Lumia 1020, Lumia 925 and Lumia 920.

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