wii-party-uYou might not have been invited to any Halloween parties until now, but fret not – who needs friends who do not care about how you feel when you can spend your time in front of the TV in your living room with Wii Party U as the game launches on the Wii U platform later this October 25th? That is just tomorrow, and I am quite sure that with more than 80 mini games to play, multiple party modes as well as a special game play which truly showcases the creative power of the Wii U GamePad controller, it will be a fun time indeed between you and your best friend(s). Never mind about getting all the props for a party up and running, all you need is enough snacks and drinks to go around, comfortable beanie chairs and you are good to go.


Wii Party U will offer a party for every kind of player, ranging from board games that are centered on the television to tabletop games which can be played exclusively on the GamePad, without the need for any TV at all – now how about that?

There is TV Party Mode, House Party Mode and GamePad Party Mode to choose from. Not only that, Wii Party U will feature many other modes which allows players to select quick-play mini-game challenges, receive activity suggestions based on the current number of players and view archives that display records and Amazing Feats. The asking price for Wii Party U is $49.99 as it arrives bundled with a Wii Remote Plus controller and the GamePad horizontal stand.

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