windows-phone-latin-americaWill touch interaction with smartphones of the future change, or will they remain as they are? Microsoft has a feeling that it might just be the latter, as it seems that Nokia is touted to work on a new form of gesture interaction with its future smartphones that are powered by Windows Phone 8.1. Known as “3D Touch” internally, this particular technology is said to use hardware sensors in order to detect gestures, all without the need to have any kind of physical contact with the phone display. This is not new at all, since those who are familiar with Samsung’s Air Gestures system would claim that this is the same.

In fact, one of the future flagship devices from Nokia which carries the codename “Goldfinger” is already said to allow users to interact with the operating system simply by moving a hand above or beside the device. This particular input is tipped to be used to control scrolling as well as page flipping. Perhaps the new 3D Touch features will be introduced partially later next February at Mobile World Congress. Do you think not having to touch your phone’s display to interact with it is a useful feature? I suppose so, especially when your fingers are wet.

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