WoWlogoMost Blizzard gamers are probably well-aware that World of Warcraft the movie is in the works, but as to what exactly does the movie entail, its plot, its characters, and its cast all remains unknown. While a good portion of the movie is still being kept a mystery for now, during BlizzCon 2013, additional light was shed on the movie that is currently scheduled to begin shooting in January 2014, with the movie seeing a release on the 18th of December 2015.

For those wondering what the premise of the movie would be, it turns out that it will be Orcs versus Humans, kind of like the first Warcraft game, and pretty much the base of the Warcraft franchise, so for those hoping to see Arthas might be disappointed, although admittedly that would be a pretty good storyline with a very clear bad guy. As expected, the movie will be live action combined with CGI, where the actors playing Orcs will have their movements captured and translated onto the big screen, and there will also be someone to work with on the Orcish language with them as well.

While it is unclear if Orcs will play the “bad guys” in the movie, director Duncan Jones (who is apparently a huge World of Warcraft fan and has dipped his toes in online games in the past), the original script turned out to be too Alliance heavy and he’s trying to reel it back in and balance it out in a bid to make the Orcs as sympathetic as the humans. Some issues they’ve had so far would be the armor.

If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft or have seen the game in action, you might realize that the armor in the game is a tad unrealistic, in the sense that Blizzard appears to favor huge shoulder pads for starters, so the challenge the movie makers have in front of them is to try to find that line where the armor is keeping to Blizzard’s style, but at the same time making it believable. In any case it seems like a lot of the base work has been done and according to the panel, the soonest we might be able to see a preview would be next year, but don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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