candycrush-500mSome of the more popular mobile games which you will most probably be able to think right off the bat would include the likes of Angry Birds, Temple Run and Plants vs Zombies, and I would like to think that adding Candy Crush Saga into the mix is part of the setup. After all, no one can deny the popularity of Candy Crush Saga as it has seen more than 500 million installations across Facebook as well as other mobile devices.

In fact, it was in March earlier this year when the Candy Crush Saga bandwagon surpassed FarmVille 2 as the most popular game on Facebook, and since then, it has managed to be one of the most played titles worldwide. I myself was caught up in the Candy Crush frenzy halfway, but realized that it interfered with my life too much waiting for turns, that I managed to do the unthinkable (to some), that is, to delete it from my smartphone. Do you think that one day down the road, Candy Crush Saga will be a victim of its own success for King, the game’s developer? After all, has Rovio come up with anything remotely as successful as Angry Birds? I rest my case. Enjoy the ride while it is still going good, though.

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