candy-crush-sagaCandy Crush is probably one of the more successful free-to-play titles that developers aspire to create. In fact back in 2013 we heard that Candy Crush was raking in a whopping $633,000 a day. The company has made oodles of cash thanks to the way the game has been designed in which players pay real money for extra lives, moves, and features.

But how much have players spent on the game so far? Now if you thought that $633,000 a day was impressive, try this figure on for size – $1.3 billion. This is according to a report from The Guardian who claims that Candy Crush Saga players have managed to spend that much money in 2014 alone!

If we were to add up $633,000 a day, the total would still be a fraction of what gamers spent in 2014. In fact if we wanted to break it down, that would average out to about $3,561,643.84 spent a day on in-app purchases – yikes! As it stands, Candy Crush Saga is the third highest-grossing app in the US, followed by Candy Crush Soda Saga which comes in at sixth.

King, the developer of the game, also revealed during their latest financials that the game represents about 45% of the spending by players on the company’s games, although the developer has been working to diversify its portfolio in a bid to rely less on Candy Crush Saga for its revenue.

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