The economy hasn’t been doing so great lately, which means you’ll probably want to keep an eye on your spending habits for the next couple of months. One luxury you may not be able to afford is purchasing a new vehicle, although you might be able to afford this one, that is, if you have no plans to transport other people or large amounts of cargo.


Elio Motors is debuting a new three-wheeled single-seat vehicle that is completely street legal and will only cost $6,800 to purchase, which is a huge discount compared to the price of new vehicles. Elio Motors’ vehicle gets 84 MPG on the highway, 49 MPG in the city and can travel up to speeds of 100 MPH. Compared to an average-sized car, Elio Motors’ vehicle only consumes 1/3 of the gas you would normally burn in most vehicles.

Elio Motors plans on making its affordable vehicle in the U.S., which they estimate will create a total of 1,500 jobs in their Shreveport, LA plant starting in 2014. Considering the low-cost of this vehicle, we’re sure many of you who are on a tight budget will be looking out for Elio Motors’ car, just remember you won’t be able to give any lucky ladies you pick up driving this bad boy around. Instead, you can just throw them some change for the bus and hope they make it to your house in one piece.

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