FF_HOUSING_thumbFinal Fantasy XIV players, if you’re in a guild, then the upcoming patch 2.1 which is slated for a release in December is definitely something worth looking forward to. Square Enix has revealed on its website that one of the upcoming new features that will be introduced to the game in the patch is housing which essentially allows players from the same guild (or Free Company as it is known in the game), to come together to one place which can act as their base of operations, or simply as a location where guild members can come together and “hang out” virtually and just chat.

In order to make use of this new feature, gamers would have to purchase a plot of land which is sold through auctions, and once this is done, gamers would then need to purchase a house permit to build their house with. The house will consist of four parts that can be decorated. This includes the roof, the exterior wall, windows, and the door. The interior of the house can also be decorated with furniture such as tables, lamps, carpets, and etc. In fact in the future, Square Enix is looking to introduce a crafting workshop where players can build vehicles or even a Chocobo stable. Patch 2.1 for the game is expected to see a release on the 17th of December.

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