fish-skin-dressingThe suits over at Kerecis Limited of Iceland must be pretty happy with themselves, especially when they have just received the nod of approval from the FDA for the fish skin-based MariGen Omega3 tissue-regeneration technology. This FDA approval would mean that such fish skin tissue regeneration technology will be able to be used in the treatment of chronic wounds that are attributed to diabetes or other circulatory problems. MariGen Omega3 products happen to be decellularized fish skin sheets which have had cells and antigenic materials extracted, and these fish skin sheets are similar in nature somewhat to human skin other than the fact that they do hold Omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which are touted to be able to promote wound healing alongside a bunch of other beneficial health functions.

Chronic wounds are different from regular wounds as they happen to stubbornly refuse the traditional wound healing process, where it stops at the inflammation stage and proceeds no further. With the Marigen Omega3 fish skin that has been transplanted to a chronic wound site, the entire healing process of the tissue would restart. Does this mean that Logan of X-Men fame smells like fish all the time, especially when he has just gotten through a particularly scathing battle? [Press Release]

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