Justin Bieber is certainly no stranger to the internet, he certainly owes his success to it. After being discovered on YouTube, the singer songwriter made it big. He has now decided to put money into an upcoming social network that’s primarily focused on teens. Called Shots Of Me, the social network is developed by brothers John and Sam Shahidi, who previously developed popular social mobile games under the RockLive brand. Bieber has led a $1.1 million seed funding round for Shots Of Me, other investors include boxer Floyd Mayweather, VC Shervin Pishevar and angel investor Tom McInerney.


Shots Of Me CEO John Shahidi tells Fortune that they got to know the popular singer after he started playing their games and tweeting about his progress. Apparently Bieber has been involved in their products and have even helped them out by testing and providing feedback. Shahidi says that Bieber’s “eyes just lit up” when they told him that they were creating a social network for teens that tries to deal with things like cyber-bullying. Shahidi says that the new social network isn’t focused on gaming, but doesn’t divulge any further details as Shots Of Me is due to go live in the App Store later this week. It remains to be seen just how much Bieber’s attachment with this social network will help it, because apart from the money, a tweet from Bieber’s 46 million follower strong Twitter account is likely to generate a generous amount of signups.

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