leap-readerGoogle Translate comes in pretty handy for the most basic of phrases, but how about sign language? It has not quite reached such a standard just yet, but this does not mean that nothing can be done about the situation. A couple of Portuguese designers who are based in Sydney have managed to work on the practical idea for facilitating communication between people whenever there is sign language involved.

The project by Catarina Araujo and Sofia Santos currently remains at the development stage, although they are already on the lookout for financial backers. It will make use of Leap Motion technology in order to create a wearable sign language translator to be worn around the neck, just like a necklace. Since Leap Motion technology will be able to track hand movements, the new device would know how to translate such tracked movements into words which then appear on a screen, making it a great way to build bridges between those who sign as well as others who have yet to learn sign language. To be able to wear this around one’s neck all the time does not make it cumbersome, but it would be an added advantage for sure, even more so for those who are in the service industry. [Product Page]

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