The idea of a personal transportation device has not really taken off in a big way. The Segway looked fun, but how many people do know actually own one of these puppies? I know that it does help those who find it a challenge to walk across long distances without getting tired. At CEATEC 2013 that concluded earlier last month, we also saw the likes of the Toyota Winglet which we took for a test run. Here is yet another viable option – the S3TR, which is described as the Streeter, which is an affordable, economical and fun personal transport concept.


The S3TR is meant to cater for those who live in urban areas where it takes a simple construction and different approach when it came to its design, resulting in a lower cost utilization as well as great fun for the user. The main purpose of existence for the S3TR would be to help the user be independent of public city transport, through the use of cycle tracks and sidewalks as and where permitted, or to function as indoor transport at aerodromes, warehouses or shopping malls. It can be folded for easy transportation, and is a snap to learn how to use. Pricing and availability details remain to be determined.

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