Whether you like it or not, 4K video is coming to blow your minds with the amount of detail you can see over your everyday 1080p LED TV set. That means we’re going to have to upgrade our gadgets to start shooting content in 4K, which also means memory cards will have to receive a boost as well in order to keep up with these new products. Thankfully, the SD Association has confirmed next-generation SD cards will support 4K media.

The SD Assosciation has announced an Ultra High Speed Class 3 format, known as U3, will be available relatively soon. As you’d expect, the U3’s performance dwarfs anything we’ve ever seen as the SD Association guarantees it will offer a write performance of at least 30 MB/s, which will be enough for you to record in 4K without experiencing any issues.

As of now, there aren’t many consumer products that can shoot 4K video, especially ones that use SD cards. With the SD Association’s news, we’re sure that will all change very soon once consumer electronics manufacturers are able to implement these new SD cards into their products. Just don’t expect the first wave of 4K-compatible SD cards to be anywhere as cheap as current prices for SD cards.

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