This time around, a number of retailers like Target and Sears have announced their plans to open several of their locations on Thanksgiving. Apple is expected to join them, if store-tracking website ifoAppleStore is to be believed. It claims to have heard from people who have knowledge of the plan. Among others, the Apple Retail Stores on Fifth Avenue in New York City, as well as stores in San Diego, Miami and San Francisco are expected to be opened.

Apparently Apple retail’s marketing directors have been urging the company to open more stores on Thanksgiving to capture the Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping fever for the past few years. As many as 10 stores are expected to be opened in select locations, schedules for employees working the holiday shift at these stores have reportedly been prepared. It is not known right now at what time these stores will be opened on Thanksgiving, and for how long they’ll remain open, seeing as how the decision is going to keep employees away from their families at home. Other retailers have already been criticised for precisely this reason. Apple is yet to comment on this report, for all we know, it might not open its select stores on Thanksgiving.

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