Urine is something we think we can all agree should be considered nothing more than waste material, that is, unless you’re Bear Grylls. If you’re not Bear Grylls, then flushing urine down your toilet is probably the most anyone should interact with it. But if you own a robot in the future, you might want to hold onto your urine as some of them may be powered by it.

Researchers from the University of the West of England believe urine can make electricy, which they’re using this hypothesis to create a dynamic system that could keep a robot powered for a very long time. The researchers used a device that is able to mimic the human heart, which they used to provide a mocrobial fuel cell with as much urine as it needs in order to be able to produce electricity.

The fuel cells used contain a microorganism that can digest the urine, to then produce electrons, which are then harvested as electrical current. Unfortunately, at this point, the pump is too ineffecient to actually be considered as a real way to power a robot using only urine. But we’re sure in time, releiving yourself on your robot butler will be as common as flipping a light switch.

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