Just a few days ago, Amazon teased future PlayStation 4 owners everywhere as they couldn’t help but tweet out a photo of the massive shipment of consoles they have in one of their warehouses. The image made the rounds to the majority of tech and gaming websites, as well as every other publication in between, but what exactly is the process of getting those PlayStation 4 consoles from Amazon’s warehouse to your doorstep? That’s where this video answers all of your questions.

A video published by The Slanted takes a look at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center, which just so happens to house a ton of PlayStation 4 consoles. The video gives us a brief look at the Amazon Fulfillment Center right to where their supply of PlayStation 4s is located, which may look familiar if you recall their previously released image. With just two days to go until the release of the PlayStation 4, Amazon employees have started to ship out orders of the console for those who were quick enough to snag preliminary pre-orders.

The process seems pretty much what you’d expect from Amazon as the PlayStation 4 is stuffed in a box along with packing material, and sent on its way to then pack up the next one. Considering how much fun you’re going to have with what Amazon has put into its box, we wish employees that are tasked with shipping them out could at least crack a smile while doing so.

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