amazon-sign-652x350We know that the holiday season has been a pretty busy one for Amazon. After all, seeing 426 items being sold per second is a lot of orders that needs to be processed, as well as a lot of orders that need to go out, which is why it cannot be helped that sometimes along the way, something screws up. Well for those who shopped on Amazon for some last minute gifts but were disappointed due to the products not showing up in time for Christmas, well fret not because Amazon is hoping to compensate you for your frustration. Granted this probably won’t make up for the fact that you missed out on a gift during the Christmas season, but we reckon this is better than nothing.

According to reports, Amazon has started to provide its affected customers with $20 gift cards, as well as refunding any shipping charges that customers might have paid. Like we said this probably won’t make up for screwing up Christmas as far as gifts are concerned, but it is still a nice gesture by Amazon nonetheless to make up for any errors caused by their delivery partners, such as UPS and FedEx, so if you’re one of those affected by the delayed shipping, be sure to check your account and credit card for the $20 gift cards as well as any possible refunds that you might have paid for on shipping.

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