At CES 2013, TV manufacturers looked to 4K televisions to be the next wave of screens we’re all going to want to be drooling over, although 4K content has yet to make itself available on a large scale where everyday people can access it easily. As time progresses, we’re sure that’ll all change as more 4K-compatible content will be available, and Amazon is taking a step in the right direction as they announce they’ll be shooting their original series in 4K.

Amazon will begin recording its 2014 original series shows in 4K, which the company specified pertains to a full series and not already-completed pilots of a particular series. Amazon’s support for recording its content in 4K is likely a move to make its programming future proof as we’re sure it’ll only be a matter of time until the prices of 4K TVs drops down to a more budget-friendly amount. And I’m sure when you do get your 4K TV set, your eyes will thank you for it as you view first hand what 8.3 million pixels looks like on a single screen.

That is, unless you’re on the receiving end of an elaborate prank that tricks interviewees to thinking a meteor just crashed into their city.

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