activision-blizzardWe know that Blizzard has always been into e-sports, especially with the StarCraft scene which has a pretty impressive and huge following in countries such as South Korea, but apart from creating games like StarCraft and supporting the e-sports community, does Blizzard has something else up their sleeves? According to reports, it was only recently that there has been a dispute filed over the domain name, leaving some to wonder if Blizzard might be interested in creating a streaming service of their own, similar to

While the complainant in the dispute was not revealed, the domain is currently registered to IP law firm, Christie, Parker & Hale LLP, the same company who has represented Blizzard in the past over dispute over names, such as Blizzard-North from back in the day. Once again at this point in time it is unclear as to why Blizzard might be interested in the domain. It could simply be that they are trying to protect their brand and didn’t want the website to represent Blizzard in a negative or misleading sort of way, or it could be that they are indeed planning some kind of streaming service.

Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more info, so check back with us at a later date for the details!

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