Conan O’Brien is no stranger to technology as we’ve seen him review several video games and has even given us insight as to what people are probably using their iPads for. Recently, Conan decided to use a service that seems to be gaining in popularity and that’s using apps to have complete strangers give you a ride for a fee.

The service Conan decided to use is called Lyft, which allows you to search in your immediate area for people who are currently available to give you a lift. The segment Conan recorded starred himself, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart who, at first, were a bit skeptical as to the safety of the app, but once they met their driver Anthony, their concerns seemed to magically go away.

The segment involves Conan, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube being driven around by Anthony to apparently pick up some marijuana as well as 40s, which the group discusses the proper pronunciation for the popular alcoholic beverage. The trip turns strange when the group make their way to a 7-Eleven to pick up stuff I have never heard of in my life.

If you take anything away from Conan’s Lyft segment, besides entertainment, it’s just how easy and safe these kinds of services can be.

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