One of my personal highly-anticipated games, Tomb Raider, is getting ready to be released next week and judging by its reviews on Metacritic, which currently has it hovering near 90 out of 100, it’s going to be a game not worth missing. Until the game is released on March 5, all we can do is wait and read about it as much as possible until we can get our hands on the game ourselves.

Surprisingly, Conan O’Brien was considered worthy enough to receive an early copy of the game so he could produce his Clueless Gamer video series where he reviews games in a not-so conventional way.

As we could expect from the Clueless Gamer series of videos, Conan makes witty comments while he plays Tomb Raider, a number of which are directed at the new Lara’s body. At one point in the review, Lara is pierced by an arrow, to which Conan remarks, “You know what? That is not her first piercing.” Conan also mentions a number of times how tight Lara’s pants are, which we could imagine could be quite distracting when playing Tomb Raider.

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