article-2520251-19F5BCA100000578-859_634x575We have heard complaints in the past about how smartphones, like the iPhone, are so expensive. Granted they are pretty pricey, but they look almost cheap by comparison when compared to devices like the one pictured above. The rather gaudy looking piece of hardware is an Android smartphone that has been designed by Swiss designer, Alessandro Savelli. There will be a few variations of this phone, all made from luxury materials, but the one pictured above features an 18-carat rose gold casing, along with some precision stones, all of which will set you back £35,000 which is roughly $57,000 after conversion.

Of course not every handset by Savelli will be that bling, as some of his other models feature more “toned down” looks, such as those crafted with alligator skin instead, which we’re sure the folks at PETA will have something to say about! In terms of hardware, the website wasn’t very specific and revealed that it would feature 32GB of storage, the usual Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options, and will run on Android, but did not mention which version, but will have access to Google apps such as Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and etc. Savelli’s series of smartphones will be available for purchase via Harrods. So, any takers?

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