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Designer Alessandro Savelli Unveils $57,000 Android Smartphone
We have heard complaints in the past about how smartphones, like the iPhone, are so expensive. Granted they are pretty pricey, but they look almost cheap by comparison when compared to devices like the one pictured above. The rather gaudy looking piece of hardware is an Android smartphone that has been designed by Swiss designer, Alessandro Savelli. There will be a few variations of this phone, all made from luxury […]

Aston Martin Android smartphone is expensive but not practical
I know that as a general rule of thumb, you get what you paid for, but there are moments when some of the more expensive things in life are not necessarily the most practical. Case in point, this particular smartphone from Aston Martin that runs on the Android operating system.The kind of money you pay for buys you just the brand name and the phone certainly does not live up […]

Gresso's $3000 bumber case for iPhone 5
Today is probably the best time for iPhone accessory makers to promote their product or brand. In this case, Gresso is coming out with a $3000 iPhone 5 bumper case aimed at the 0.1%. I’ve seen aluminum case like this go for $250 in Japan and I thought that it was already ridiculous. However Gresso has up the ante with a $3000 titanium case that will be manufactured in a […]

King Louis XVI inspired gold-plated PC
Who would have thought that someone who lived (OK, so he is royalty, I will grant him that) in the 16th century would be able to wield influence from beyond the grave in terms of design, culminating in the gold-plated PC that you see above? Talk about merging not only the old, but the ancient with modern day technology. George Chirita was inspired by King Louis XVI, where he shared, […]


Gresso Cruiser Air Black going for a cool $1,700
I am not quite sure about you, but when it comes to spending money on a new phone, I would say the ceiling price would be approximately $600 thereabouts for an unlocked unit, and at that price point, the pocket already hurts like hell – which leads me to ask the question, would you want to shell out $1,700 for the Gresso Cruiser Air Black? This new exclusive luxury handset […]

Grenade-proof Rolls Royce Phantom is covered in bling
This is the stuff that Pharaohs dream about – a ride covered in gold. Sure he had gold chariots in the past, but they certainly aren’t spear- or arrow-proof (to keep things in context). The grenade-proof Rolls Royce Phantom that you see above is not only a luxury ride that offers protection against some of the more commonly used weapons in countries where the general populace have easy access to […]

Miansai iPhone case costs 10,000 clams
Ever wondered how it would feel like to protect your precious iPhone with a case that is worth many more times the value of the handset itself? The answer is simple – get a case like the Miansai iPhone case, and you’re good to go. After all, how many iPhone cases out there would actually cost you $10,000? The reason behind the uber high price of the Miansai iPhone case […]

Dream Watch 4 iPhone casing looks futuristic
For those with a lot of spare cash to spend, they may want to take a look at De Bethune’s iPhone casing, which apparently they dedicated to Apple’s late co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs. The case is dubbed the DW4, aka the Dream Watch 4 and will be made out of bead-blasted titanium along with an embedded mechanical watch in the back.

Blackberry Porsche P'9881 announced
A week ago we reported that thanks to an invitation, it appears that RIM and Porsche had plans to hold an event to unveil a new product. Unless Porsche was planning on releasing a new Porsche Blackberry sports car, it left little to the imagination at what sort of announcement that both companies were going to make, and now it is official. Both RIM and Porsche have announced the new […]

Mobiado Grand Touch series to snag next batch of nouveau riche
If you love all things that are blinged up, then chances are you would have set your heart and eyes on Mobiado’s range of handsets in the past. Granted, these are really expensive phones, but the kind of functionality that it comes with it are extremely basic to say the least. Mobiado intends to bedazzle a whole new generation of phone owners with their new Grand Touch series, where they […]

Native Union offers Gold POP phone
There is the POP phone – and then there is the Gold POP phone. Show the world that you’ve got the Midas touch with Native Union’s latest release, the Gold POP phone. This device will keep your inner James Bond happy, boasting a shiny, metallic gold handset. It will connect to most mobile devices via its 3.5mm hack, and can also be used with an adapter (that must be purchased […]

ASTRO Gaming Gold Edition for uber rich gamers
So you’re an heir to a multi-billion dollar business empire, and was born with a silver spoon – nay, make that a gold spoon hanging from your mouth, spilling gold-plated baby food all over your gold-threaded bib. Isn’t it only natural that the Midas Touch follows you when it comes to gaming hardware as well? That’s where ASTRO Gaming is leading you to, with the Gold Edition range of gaming […]

LaCie’s Galet flash drive oozes with class
LaCie, a hard drive manufacturer has teamed up with a French luxury brand, Christofle, to release a new USB flash drive that looks classy enough to pass off as a valentine’s day present! Made from silver and hand-crafted in France, the Galet is supposed to be a luxury accessory like a Mont Blanc fountain pen or a Cartier watch – an overpriced choice for what it does, but people purchase […]

TAG Heuer Fuchsia MERIDIIST GMT ready to empty your bank account
At first glance, the name TAG Heuer Fuchsia MERIDIIST GMT might just evoke images of a classic looking watch in your mind, but when you study deeper into its meaning, it is actually a handset that has looks as its primary form of existence. After all, it comes with material that are normally unpronounceable by the man on the street – have you heard of a back cover dressed in […]

Talking Chess Set makes for a neat Christmas gift
Feeling flush and are not quite sure on what to get for your brainy loved one this Christmas? Perhaps you might want to check out Barbara Kruger’s talking chess set. Yes sir, if you think that your home is too quiet for your liking and would like to have a definite conversation piece, this talking chess set is just the ticket. The $30,000 price tag could prove burdensome to most […]

Mobiado adds Classic 712 Stealth to its ultra-high end line
Mobiado has added the Classic 712 Stealth to further expand their line of ultra-high end handsets, where it received its inspiration from stealth military aircraft. Expect some rather snazzy materials to be used in its construction such as glass bead-blasted aircraft aluminum and sapphire crystal. The case will then undergo a process where it is anodize coated and adorned with hand painted sapphire crystal buttons. Don’t expect this to top […]

Harrods blings up Samsung Galaxy Tab
Some folks already think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is too pricey for what it offers, but Harrods decides to spice things up a bit with a custom Samsung Galaxy Tab that comes clad in 5700 Swarovski “crystals” which are already included into the final price point. It seems that these “crystals” are actually thousands of high-lead glass fragments that were painstakingly glued on by hand, and carefully placed around […]

Vertu Constellation Quest gets full QWERTY keyboard
If you happen to keep up with brand names and luxury phones, then chances are you would definitely have heard of the Vertu name before. Those who have to ask how much it costs probably can’t afford one anyway, but that has not stopped the brand for lasting quite the distance even until today. While they do not come with the latest hardware underneath the hood, one can safely say […]

Personal Submarine is new mode of transport for uber rich
So you think you’ve got it made in life, eh? Well, instead of chasing after yet another exotic car to add to your collection, why not sink a cool $2 million into this Personal Submarine? After all, the thrill of driving through town with your supercar’s top down gets old fast, so why not bring your chick aboard this spacecraft-looking two-person underwater vessel the next time you really want to […]

KDDI introduces Light Pool fashion cell phone
KDDI has released yet another cell phone which will cater to those who are fashion conscious in Japan – we’re talking about the Light Pool handset that features a minimalist design. Japanese designer called Tsuboi Hironao is the brains behind this, where it will ship with 22 LEDs formed in a triangular shape which will illuminate in order to display different patterns for a total of 100 choices to choose […]