linutopWe did hear about the Jetpack from PiixL that allowed a pretty high end computer to be installed and placed right behind your flat screen TV in your living room, squeezing a decent level of performance out of something so slim. Well, this time around, small too, will be the main theme here, except that the Linutop 5 fanless Linux-powered mini desktop will not share a similar level of processing firepower.

For sure, its small size will allow it to sip under 14 watts of power, where it will be able to run Ubuntu Linux as the operating system of choice, but strangely enough, the Linutop 5 seemed to have remained stuck in a time capsule, being not much better compared to the model that was launched two and a half years back, but it sure is better than the Linutop 3. Basically, the Linutop 5 would come in the form of a low-power, fanless computer that will ship with Linux right out of the box, boasting of double the amount of RAM and storage of the Linutop 5. As for its processor, it will still chug along to the now outdated Intel Atom N270 processor. I guess you could more or less call this a mini desktop that only a Linux fan would be able to love.

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