jetpackHave you ever thought about the idea to sell computers that would be hooked up to your large screen TV in the living room? Well, that particular idea has been put forward by different companies for quite a number of years already, although a living room PC has yet to really catch on big. UK company PiixL has claimed that they could very well have a solution which they have dubbed Jetpack. The Jetpack will not take to the skies like you are the Rocketeer, but rather, it is a tiny computer which was specially designed to be installed right behind a flat screen TV.

Now, you might wonder whether there is enough space at all left behind the TV, squeezed right between the wall. Good news for doubting Thomases – PiixL has managed to come up with an extremely thin case design which has also been molded in such a way, that the width can be extended. This would enable the PC’s ports to be placed on the edge of TVs from 32″ to 70″ in size. Despite the rather odd place to put the Jetpack, it is touted to feature some serious hardware specifications, including Intel Core i7 processors, up to 1TB of SSD storage, and NVIDIA Titan or GTX780 graphics cards. You can opt to have Windows or Valve’s future SteamOS installed.

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