Microsoft and Sony both launched their new game consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, in November. Most retailers immediately sold out of stock which meant that those customers who weren’t able to get their pre-orders in had to wait until the consoles were back in stock. Both companies are working hard to ensure that there’s enough stock to go around particularly during the time when Christmas shopping picks up. A man in Colorado Springs wanted to buy a PS4 for his son as a Christmas present so he found a seller on Craigslist, met him and paid him an undisclosed amount. There was no console in the box, it was stuffed full of towels.

People are usually cautious about deals that originate on Craigslist, it is very easy to get scammed or worse, even robbed or physically hurt when you go to meet the other party. The father met with the ad’s poster in the lobby of a motel and handed over the money, the police hasn’t disclosed how much he was going to pay for the console. After handing over the money, he checked the box only to find towels inside. By then the other person ran to a getaway car already waiting in the parking lot and fled. The victim essentially spent several hundred dollars on towels that cost much less. There’s a lesson to be learnt here, always check the goods before you hand over the money and try your best to stick with official retailers when possible.

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