meizu-mx4gDo you agree that records are meant to be broken? Of course, this particular saying goes both ways – it could be for the good, as well as for the bad. In the world of smartphones, we have seen displays get larger and larger over the years, that nowadays, anything that is less than 5” is deemed to be “small”. Well, having a Full HD display on your smartphone does not quite cut the mustard any more, as Meizu’s CEO J. Wang has already begun to tease the successor to the Meizu MX3, which would be known as the Meizu MX4G.

The Meizu MX4G gives the game away concerning the inclusion of 4G LTE connectivity, but one would also need to take into consideration that its display would be a surefire killer. Word has it that the Meizu MX4G will ship with a 5.5″ 1536 x 2560 pixels display, which would clearly place it in Ultra HD category, while being an exclusive member of the 500+ ppi pixel density club.

Just how high do you think the pixel density on smartphone displays should go before it does not make any difference? After all, your eyes can only take in so much, no? We do wonder when will the rest of the pack catch up.

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