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Meizu Was Just 'Messing About' With Failed Port-Free Phone
Chinese smartphone company Meizu introduced a concept device earlier this year that didn’t have any ports or buttons. The Meizu Zero didn’t have a charging port, no SIM card slot, no buttons, and mSound 2.0 technology which used the screen for sound and thus eliminated the need for a speaker grille. Meizu CEO Jack Wong has now said that this project was nothing more than the marketing team “messing about.”

You Can Buy Meizu Zero For $1299 Through Indiegogo
Remember the Meizu Zero? The Chinese manufacturer unveiled this device last week. It’s a unique phone in that it has a grand total of zero buttons and ports. It doesn’t even have speaker holes and a SIM card slot. Meizu did say that it wasn’t a concept and that it would sell the device. It’s doing that now but through Indiegogo for the price that you’d pay for a MacBook.

Meizu Zero Is A Smartphone With No Buttons And Ports
Smartphone manufacturers have gradually been removing buttons and ports from their devices. We only get the most essential of buttons on phones these days while many are now ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. Meizu has come out with a new device which is unlike any seen before. The Meizu Zero is aptly named since it has zero buttons. There isn’t even a port for wired charging.

Nokia And Meizu May Hold Joint Event Next Month
Nokia and China-based Meizu have collaborated in the past and it appears that they have another announcement to make in the near future. A poster has leaked out of China which suggests that Nokia and Meizu will be holding a joint event next month. It’s unclear at this point in time what the two companies might announce at this joint event.


Meizu Reportedly Developing 7.9 Inch Tablet
According to a report out of China, local smartphone manufacturer Meizu is working on a new tablet that it’s planning to launch in the near future. Meizu’s 7.9 inch tablet is reportedly going to offer mid-range specifications at an affordable price. That’s the strategy that most Chinese OEMs normally take so it’s not surprising to see Meizu adopt this for its new tablet.

Meizu Debuts Their Own Fast-Charging Smartphone Technology
[MWC 2017] There have been a few companies that have debuted proprietary fast-charging technology. For example last year Oppo unveiled their own Super VOOC charging technology, and OnePlus also debuted their own technology in the form of Dash Charge, so it doesn’t really come as a complete surprise that Meizu decided to create something of their own as well.

OnePlus And Meizu Found To Have Fudged Benchmarks
In the past when devices are spotted on benchmarks ahead of their official reveal, we sometimes caution that even benchmarks can be faked. Recently it seems that the folks at XDA have uncovered something rather disturbing, which is that both OnePlus and Meizu have been fudging their benchmark scores.

Qualcomm And Meizu Settle Their Licensing Lawsuit
The year of 2016 is nearly at an end and what better way to end the year by settling disputes, right? That’s pretty much what Qualcomm and Meizu have done in China where according to a report from Bloomberg, both companies have agreed to settle their licensing-related lawsuit with each other.

Meizu’s H1 Band Fitness Tracker Will Only Cost You $33
According to the IDC’s latest figures, Xiaomi is in second place as far as the wearables market is concerned. Xiaomi isn’t exactly known for their wearables, but the affordable price tag on its Mi Band has led to many adopting it, especially since for the most part it does what most fitness bands do when it comes to the basic features, and sometimes that’s good enough.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus Flagship Touts Impressive Specifications
Meizu unveiled its new flagship smartphone today called the Pro 6 Plus. The company already launched the Pro 6 earlier this year so this is basically an improved version of that handset. It does pack some impressive specifications as well as the latest version of Meizu’s Android-based Flyme OS. It has been competitively priced to take on flagship handsets from more established rivals.

Does Meizu Have Their Own ‘Edgeless’ Phone In The Works?
Many are eagerly anticipating next year’s iPhone simply because many are curious about its design, especially with the rumors that the 2017 iPhone will be majorly revamped and we could be seeing an edgeless display. However Xiaomi beat Apple to the punch with the Mi Mix, and now it looks like Meizu could be following suit.

Meizu Launches Its First Smartwatch
Smartwatches have become a lot more popular than they were a few years ago so it’s unsurprising now to see companies in the mobile market come out with their very own smartwatches. Chinese OEM Meizu has unveiled its first smartwatch – called the Mix – but it’s more of an activity tracker/smartwatch as it tries to offer the best of both worlds in a single package.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus May Also Have A Dual-Edge Curved Display
Yesterday we reported on some leaked renders of an upcoming Xiaomi handset which looked quite similar to the Galaxy Note 7. It even had a dual-edge curved display like Samsung’s new phablet and now it appears that another Chinese OEMs is going down the same road. Latest renders of the Meizu Pro 6 Plus show that it may also feature a dual-edge curved display like the Galaxy Note 7.

Meizu Could Be Considering A Curved Screen Smartphone In The Future
A couple of months ago, a photo made its way online which showed a handset allegedly by Meizu. The handset in question is rumored to be the Meizu Pro 7 but what was interesting was the fact that the photo showed a curved display, similar to what Samsung has done for its Edge series of smartphones.

Meizu MX6 Has Been Officially Announced
Back in the day when we’d think of handsets made by Chinese OEMs, we’d probably not think too much of them. Fast forward to today, many Chinese OEMs are quickly catching up to the likes of Apple and Samsung, and this is despite the fact that many of these phones tend to be kept within China or the Asian region.

Meizu Lines Up Blue Charm Metal 2
You know how a particular device is all set for a market release when it starts to appear in certification bodies such as TENAA (where over in China, it is somewhat the equivalent of the FCC in the US). Well, the folks over at Meizu are not keeping their cards close to the chest where the Blue Charm Metal 2 is concerned, especially since this particular model has already passed […]

Meizu M3 Sports A Metal Variant
It does seem as though China smartphone manufacturer, Meizu, are all stoked to release their Meizu m3 smartphone some time next month – the 13th of June, if one were to be exact. This new variant will be different from the vanilla version for the very simple fact that it will boast of a metallic design. Apart from that, it will be powered by the Android 5.1 Lollipop mobile operating […]

Meizu MX6 Could Arrive In Two Variants
When it comes to modern day smartphones, it does look as though manufacturers are pretty keen to introduce variants to a particular range, as it not only helps them expand their product line, customers too, would be able to enjoy a variety of choice. With Meizu’s upcoming MX6, that could jolly well be the case, where there are whispers of two hardware versions that might arrive when the handset makes […]

Meizu Could Release Edge Device
Samsung must have made the world sit up and take notice when it first revealed its Galaxy S6 edge last year, and that particular model proved to be even more popular than the Galaxy S6 itself, despite carrying a heftier price tag. Perhaps it was the novelty of it all, or for the simple fact that it simply works, no questions asked. Clearly inspired by the South Korean conglomerate, Meizu […]

Meizu Eyes U.S. Entry With Crowdfunded Wi-Fi Speaker
Meizu is one of the many Chinese smartphone manufacturers doing very well on home ground but almost unheard of in other markets, particularly the United States, which is a very lucrative market for consumer electronic devices. It’s looking to make an entry into the United States but not by selling smartphones, it’s going to start its journey in the U.S. market by selling a crowdfunded Wi-Fi speaker called Gravity.