minecraftimage1The other day we reported on a rumor that Minecraft would be making its way onto Nintendo’s Wii U platform in the near future. This sort of made sense because not only would this spread the game’s popularity, but also because of the Wii U’s GamePad which would allow gamers to perform a variety of Minecraft actions on it, such as crafting new objects, for example. Like we said it did make sense but unfortunately the rumor has proven to be nothing but a rumor, as Minecraft’s creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, has revealed that Mojang has no plans on porting Minecraft onto the Wii U anytime soon.

Responding to fan requests on Twitter to bring the game onto Nintendo’s platform, Persson was quoted as saying, “I agree a Wii U version would make sense, btw. The only reason for no current plans is we’ve got too much work already. I <3 Nintendo.” According to earlier rumors, the game was said to be in the works as Nintendo had reportedly sent several Wii U development kits to Mojang to help them port the game onto the Wii U console, but alas it looks like that will not be happening. Persson does not completely rule out the possibility, at least based on his statement, but for now Wii U gamers and Minecraft fans will have to be content with Minecraft that is available on other platforms, such as the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and come 2014, the Xbox One and PS4 as well.

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