Nobody will be surprised when they hear that a lot of people spent a lot of money on online shopping this Black Friday, it has become a yearly tradition. According to the latest data released by comScore, over $1.2 billion was spent online this Black Friday, making it the first holiday day this season to cross the billion dollar mark. Black Friday 2012 saw a total of $1.04 billion being spent online, which is roughly a 15 percent year-over-year increase that translates into an additional $156 million being spent on online shopping this Black Friday.

Online shopping surged 21 percent on Thanksgiving 2013 as opposed to last year, with $766 million being spent online. According to comScore, online retail websites were visited by some 66 million visitors on Black Friday 2013 with Amazon being the most visited online retailer. This means that each visitor spent just above $18 per transaction. eBay, Walmart, Best Buy and Target were the most visited in this particular order after Amazon. 28 percent of all online purchases are accounted for by apparel and accessories, computer hardware, consumer electronics, packaged goods and shipping services follow next. Online holiday spending in 2013 is up 24 percent and another surge is expected around the Christmas holidays. So, what did you buy this Black Friday?

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