Ps Vita Review DisplayEarlier this year, Sony announced their brand new console, the PlayStation 4, and one of the features of the PS4 was the  Remote Play feature which was somewhat similar to what Nintendo had in mind with the Wii U and the GamePad, where gamers could mirror what was being played on the screen onto the handheld console. However given that it wasn’t completely necessary, we wouldn’t have been surprised if PS Vita sales weren’t affected, but boy were we wrong! According to a report by MCV, they claim that sales of the PS Vita actually rose during the PS4’s launch week in the UK.

The numbers state that the Vita’s sales rose by 68% during launch week, and rose again by an additional 65% in the following week. According to Sony’s Senior Product Manager, Ben Law, Vita sales are apparently seeing strong week-on-week growth and pointed at the Remote Play as being a huge incentive for gamers to get their hands on the handheld console, describing it as “either as a stand-alone device or as the perfect companion to PS4.” This is undoubtedly extra money that we’re not sure all gamers would be willing to spend on, but the numbers don’t lie. What do you guys think? Any of you decided to get a Vita for Remote Play?

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