pulsejumpropeJust like how not all TVs are created equal, so too, are jump ropes. Jump ropes happen to be great tools for those who want to exercise and shed those unwanted pounds, but they have largely remained the same over the years, although some of the more modern ones are able to keep track of how many jumps you have made. What happens when all of that kinetic energy expended could be put to good use? This is where the PULSE Kinetic Jump Rope comes in, where embedded within the handles lie a pair of small dynamos that are connected to a rechargeable battery.

Each jump that you make will make use of that kinetic energy to power the battery, and subsequently, the energy reserves of this particular battery would be used to add more power to your thirsty gadgets. As with any other self respecting exercise tool, incentive is the main motive to keep on going, regardless of how much technology you pack in it. Those who are interested in picking up the PULSE Kinetic Jump Rope will be able to do so at $129 a pop, where these are currently involved in a limited beta test run of 100 units apiece. [Product Page]

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