Just because one is good at something in real life, it doesn’t mean that they are good at it in virtual reality. For example there are real life guitarists of legendary statuses who might actually lose out to a gamer in a game of Guitar Hero, but regardless it’s still an interesting comparison to make nonetheless. Looking to test the driving skills of a virtual racer against a real life racer, Viagame took one of Sweden’s best gaming drivers, Fredrik Brolin, and pitted him against the likes of real world racing pro, Peter Ternstrom.

The goal was to see who would finish first and instead of both drivers playing the game, Brolin would play the game, while Ternstrom would drive in real life around the same track, Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. However the kicker is that both drivers would be in the same car, meaning that Brolin had to play his video game while Ternstrom was in the driver’s seat. We reckon this is a disadvantage to Brolin who had to concentrate on the game while being jerked around in the car as it was driven and made corners, but it was still a pretty interesting competition nonetheless. Who do you think won? For those curious about the outcome, you can check out their competition in the video above.

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