samsung-logoFingerprint sensors on phones is not a new feature, although Apple with the iPhone 5s and Touch ID probably did a good job of bringing it back into the spotlight. To that extent a recent report from Reuters has suggested that Samsung could be looking to release a smartphone in 2014 that will come with fingerprint sensor technology. Reuters is quoting Johan Carlstrom, the CEO of Fingerprint Cards, who claims that Samsung will be launching such a device next year, with Carlstrom hoping that his company will be one of the suppliers that Samsung will turn to for components (although we’re not sure if revealing your potential client’s plans is a good way to go about getting business).


It is unclear when the fingerprint sensor technology will debut in Samsung’s products. Could it be the Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy Note 4? Prior to the Galaxy Note 3’s launch, there were rumors that the handset could debut with said technology, which it obviously didn’t, but at the same time Samsung did confirm that support for fingerprint sensor technology was part of the company’s roadmap but no specifics were mentioned. Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Is fingerprint sensor technology a make or break feature for you?

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