Commuters know how bad things can get if they happen to travel on a bus, subway or train to get to and from work. It seems you’re not the only person traveling on a particular line, which makes cramped commutes something all commuters experience on a regular basis. But a new vest is helping riders keep their personal space while they commute. The name of the vest? Spike Away.

As you could imagine, the Spike Away vest was developed by Industrial designer Siew Ming Cheng as a way to help commuters who regularly suffer from crowded commutes by equipping them with a vest filled with spikes. The Spike Away vest was created during a workshop at the National University of Singapore, which challenged designers to come up with solutions to common problems. Cheng created the Spike Away vest using ordinary gardening supplies, specifically a plastic strip that is used to keep unwanted visitors from getting too close to delicate plants in a garden.

The Spike Away vest is something that will certainly keep people away from a particular person, although the spikes don’t look sharp enough to actually impale somebody. Instead, they’ll just become more of a bother as you get poked and prodded the closer you get to the vest.

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