windows82Earlier in the week, we did report that Windows 8 Threshold might see the return of the proper Start menu experience, but that remains a rumor even until now. Of course, until something official comes out, we are stuck with the pseudo-Start button in Windows 8.1, but this has not stopped other more enterprising and imaginative folks from working on what could possibly be down the road. 20 year old designer Jay Machalani has thought up of what Windows 8.2 could look like, where it comes with the well loved Start menu, not to mention a seeming success in the integration of both Desktop and Start screen interfaces.

Machalani, a self-proclaimed “UX/UI & Branding Architect”, has spent a few months working on a future Windows design, touting that he loves Windows 8 personally, thinking that it is “the best OS for productivity and awesomeness” despite being “filled with massive flaws.” The conceptual Windows 8.2 interface comes with a Modern look and feel, where Machalani shared, “You can make it bigger or smaller, pin your apps and live tiles, resize them, get a quick access to the Classic apps Jumplist (loved that feature from Windows 7), access the notification center, settings, power options and search. It makes sense.” Do you hope that Microsoft would go in this direction?

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