At the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 last week, 4K was one of the main attractions. A lot of companies showed off their 4K offerings, TVs, displays, camcorders and even short throw projectors. It goes without saying that 4K is the future, the consumer market is expected to move towards ultra-high-definition in great numbers over the next couple of years. This obviously increases the need for 4K content, and the Blu-ray Disc Association is aware of that, which is why it has approved the addition of 4K/ultra-high definition Blu-ray discs.

The 4K Blu-ray discs will be the perfect medium to get UHD content to those who can’t stream 4K content. While the future does give 4K content streaming much importance, not all consumers can rely on streaming and they will look for alternatives. Even though 4K has been added to Blu-ray disc specifications, it might still take a lot of time before the actual discs become available in the market. The Association says that these efforts are moving forward “in earnest,” adding that its currently too soon to know all of the details yet. Its no secret that Blu-ray helped push the adoption of 1080p HD standard, and one can expect the discs to do the same for 4K, even if it ends up taking a couple of years.

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