Apple acquires small companies from time to time, its actually Cupertino’s boilerplate statement that it gives out after acquiring said companies. The latest acquisition might serve toward improving the camera application. SnappyLabs, a one man show headed by John Papandriopoulos, developed a well known app called SnappyCam which allowed users to take full resolution photos at 20 to 30 frames per second, a lot faster than the native camera on an iOS device is capable of.

The acquisition was widely reported though remained initially unconfirmed, but in an official statement provided to the folks at Re/code, Apple has confirmed that it has bought SnappyLabs. It declined to comment for what purpose and did not disclose any financial terms. It can be assumed that this is a talent driven acquisition, the company would want Papandriopoulos’ expertise in camera technology. Though, unfortunately for us users, as a result of this acquisition the SnappyCam application is no longer available for download via the App Store. Does that mean the app’s features might find their way into the native iOS camera app? Its too soon to say that right now, but the acquisition might serve Apple’s purpose as it looks to further improve camera performance in its future mobile devices.

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