When you have led a company like Microsoft for so many years to great heights, while being the richest dude on earth for so many years, it would surely take far more brains than dumb luck to be in such a unique position. That’s Bill Gates for you, but it also shows that there are different kinds of “smart” – especially when chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen managed to beat Bill Gates in a chess match in slightly more than a minute, as you can check it out in the video above.


It took the chiseled young Norwegian world chess champion a mere nine moves in order to have Bill Gates’ king being in an untenable position, which is a whole lot less time than a traditional Windows-powered PC would require to boot up. Ultrabooks as well as machines which run on Windows 8 with an SSD in tow are exempt, of course. This speed chess match was recorded for a Norwegian-Swedish TV talk show known as Skavlan, and the conclusion was more or less inevitable before the match even kicked off. I wonder if Bill Gates was a skilled chess player, would he have led his Microsoft “pieces” differently when he helmed the company?

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