Cat owners, I am quite sure that you know how the entire deal works out – you are the slave, and the cat is the master. Some cats take to your home kindly right from the get go, while others tend to have a destructive tendency – with their paws swiping dishes and all sorts of breakable items from the shelves and what-not. Catlateral Damage, a game by Chris Chung, has been described to be a “first-person destructive cat simulator.” It will be so different from many first person titles, where you do not shoot to kill – whether they are aliens, monsters or the undead.

Instead, Catlateral Damage will offer a different kind of gaming experience as it challenges its players to knock things over. In fact, those who are familiar with the Katamari Damacy console game will find Catlateral’s Damage’s gameplay to be similar, since they share a visually striking anime-inspired aesthetic. Apart from that, oodles of items are a common theme in both titles. Right now, Catlateral Damage is available as a free title in an alpha mode via the game’s website, with the full version being worked on to be released on Steam later this year. Are you looking forward to such a title, and do you think that you will get bored of it quickly like how your pet cat gets bored of the toys you purchased for it in a moment?

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