[CES 2014] Video games have been frowned upon by many people over the years, especially the old school types, as they figure out that video games are nothing but bad news for young people since it distracts them from everything else in life, not to mention it also seem to promote an unhealthy lifestyle as one sits in front of the flat screen TV all day long, munching on nothing but pizza and drinking soda. Well, not all video games are like that, as some will require you to exert yourself physically more than usual. Case in point, DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition from Konami that will be introduced at a California school, apart from current programs in Florida, Georgia and Texas.

This particular collaboration with Zamzee intends to check out the impact of wearable activity meters which will be able to monitor health and activity levels of students in Florida, Georgia and Texas. As to whether this particular effort will be able to help reduce childhood obesity via school-based health programs, that remains to be seen, but as many things in life, only time will be able to tell. Personally, I would still recommend exercise and sports alongside a healthy diet as the primary way of losing weight, how about you?

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