PS4-Dualshock-Controller-600x369One of the features of the Sony DualShock 4 controllers for the PS4 is that it comes with an LED light at the back. It’s not exactly a big deal but apparently some players have complained that the LED light drains battery and can prove distracting as the LED light can reflect off the television especially in low-light situations. Now it wouldn’t take much for Sony to allow for an option to disable the lighting, but according to Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, it seems that disabling it is out of the question, at least for now. Yoshida states that it does not drain too much battery so it should not reduce the DualShock 4’s battery life by much.

For those wondering what the LED light on the controller does, it was initially thought that it was meant to be used in conjunction with the PlayStation Camera, but apparently those plans have been scrapped for now. However in the meantime the LED lights allow PS4 gamers to sign in automatically, and will be able to associate the correct layer with the correct gamer tag. In games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, the LED lights can be used to help show the player’s health, which can be handy at times. We’re not sure if Sony ever plans on allowing gamers to disable it completely, but in the meantime is anyone particularly annoyed by it in their gaming sessions?

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