intel-haswell-chipsThe folks over at Intel have recently announced that they will be introducing 9 more chips to its range of processors that will be based on its 4th-generation Core architecture. In a nutshell, these will begin from highly affordable low voltage processors that would not cost more than $300, and go all the way to a Core i7 chip which will sell for over $1,000 a pop. Enthusiasts as well as hardcore gamers who want something worthy to function underneath the hood of their machines might want to check it out for sure.

All of the new processors will target use in notebooks in addition to various kinds of mobile devices, although there will be a few which would find designed for high-performance machines, and the rest will most probably make their debut in value-for-money machines and systems which will certainly place a higher priority for battery life compared to processing muscle.

Take the the Core i5-4310U for instance – this puppy happens to be a dual-core 2GHz processor that has Intel HD 4400 graphics alongside a list price of $281, while those who need a little bit more muscle can settle for the Core i5-4310M which is a higher-power version of the same chip, sporting a dual-core 2.7GHz processor, Intel HD 4600 graphics and more affordable price point of $225, although you would have to make sacrifices when it comes to power efficiency.

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