lenovo-ThinkVision-28_05[CES 2014] When Lenovo showed us the ThinkVision 28 4K2K, it was a surprising move because up until now manufacturers have been pretty timid when it comes to large Android all-in-one computers, but that’s the twist: the ThinkVision 28 Smart 4K is NOT pitched as an Android “all in one”, but rather as a very nice computer monitor (3840×2160) that is also capable of running Android apps. It is assumed that it will be used alongside a computer, and the Android capability is a nice bonus that lets users perform many computing tasks like web browsing, email, gaming and media playback without having to turn their computer on. When using Android, it is a complete instant-on experience.

To make that happen, the monitor embeds an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor which is the brains of a complete Android hardware platform (including microSD) which connects via WiFi, Bluetooth 4, NFC etc. It runs the latest 4.4 (KitKat) version of Android, and can do pretty much anything that an Android tablet can, including using the webcam. In addition to that, the ThinkVision 28 Smart 4K also has the usual monitor stuff: 2.5W speakers, Display Port, HDMI, USB 3.0 and a video source selector.

The Industrial design was thought around a dual-use. The monitor has an articulated stand that lets people use it as a pure touch device, or as a regular monitor. If the pricing is reasonable, it’s hard not to like the concept, and Lenovo may be onto something here because given how electronic prices tend to fall, we wouldn’t be surprised to see all monitors become that smart one day.

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