Liquid Image_326_Hydra_3QTRView[CES 2014] Not everyone can scuba dive as this requires the diver to undergo a series of lessons and a test before they are certified, and for those who have been certified, what better way to commemorate your diving experience by taking photos and videos of your dive, right? There are plenty of waterproof cameras and handycams out there, but for a true hands-free experience, Liquid Image has announced their Hydra series of camera masks, which are essentially diving goggles that comes with a small camera attached to the side, allowing you, the diver, to snap photos and capture videos without the need to lug around and additional device.


Liquid Image 305_Hydra_Purple_3QTRViewThere are two models available as part of the company’s Hydra series: a 720p HD model and a 1080p Full HD model. As the model names imply, one is able to capture videos in HD, while the other will do it in Full HD, so it really depends on your needs and budget. However apart from the difference in video quality, either model will feature slightly different hardware as well. The 1080p model will come with a 12MP camera and will be able to capture video at 60fps, while the 720p model will sport a 5MP camera and will record video at 30fps.

Liquid Image 305_Hydra_Green_3QTRViewApart from that, both models will come with lever-styled buttons that allows the camera to be activated even when wearing gloves, and there will be LED lights embedded inside the mask itself to indicate which mode (photo or video) that the user has chosen. Liquid Image will also offer optional accessories, such as a LED torch that can be attach to the side of the mask for when there is insufficient light. For those interested in picking up either model, the 1080p Hydra mask will retail at $349.99 while the 720p model will go for $119.99 and will be available via Liquid Image’s website come May 2014.

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