robot-landSouth Korea is certainly a land that is extremely high tech, especially when it comes to its Internet connectivity. Well, you can add one more interesting item to the list, where by the time 2016 rolls around, Masan Robot Land in Incheon, South Korea, will open up. Masan Robot Land is special because it is touted to be the first robotics theme park in the world, and will be accompanied by the English motto “Fun & Fantasy with Robot!”. The whole idea of this particular theme park is to celebrate science fiction cyborgs and androids, at the same time promoting popular interest not only in the robotics industry, but robot culture as well

Just where will Robot Land be located? It happens to lie an hour west of Seoul on a 1.15 million square meter waterfront site, where this unique theme park will comprise of a quartet of futuristic sounding areas – Robot Kingdom, Kidbot Village, Robotopia and Fun City. Right now, it is not possible to list everything that this particular theme park will offer, but we do know that it will also feature a robot exhibition hall, a convention hall and education center, robotic water rides, roller coasters and robot-themed parades, shows, restaurants and hotels.

This particular project will cost over $660 million to complete, where it was done in tandem with the South Korean government and private financiers, universities and robotics companies.

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