satoru-iwata-nintendo-ceoFollowing the announcement that Nintendo would be slashing its estimated Wii U sales by 70%, Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, took to the stage and admitted that Nintendo might have misread the market and that the company is planning a new business strategy, one that might involve mobile devices. It definitely sounds exciting, after all who wouldn’t love to be able to play games like Mario, Mario Kart, and Zelda on their smartphones or tablets, right? Well before you get too excited, it seems that Nintendo’s President has stepped forward again to clarify what he meant the other day, assuring gamers and investors that Nintendo will not cease building consoles.


According to Iwata (via The Wall Street Journal), “The spread of smart devices does not spell the end of game consoles. It’s not that simple. It doesn’t mean that we should put Mario on smartphones.” Instead Iwata believes that the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets can help Nintendo promote its console releases. We reported on this before where Nintendo stated that these mobile apps aren’t designed to be the entire game itself, but at the same time will provide you with the experience that will make you want to go back or purchase a Nintendo console instead. It seems that Nintendo is still stubbornly refusing to release games onto mobile despite many thinking they should. What do you guys think? Should Nintendo start releasing for mobile or do you think that they should hold onto their exclusivity?

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