Lily-AllenBitcoin – whether you love or hate the virtual currency, you cannot deny its value at the moment, which at the moment is sitting at around $840 for a single Bitcoin. Of course rewinding the clock some five years ago, the currency was worth almost nothing, but we guess not many could have predicted its meteoric rise, and those who did not get in on it are probably regretting it right about now. One of the people highly regretting it at the moment is celebrity, Lily Allen, who has recently taken to Twitter to express her regret at not accepting Bitcoin as payment for one of her concerts several years ago.

According to Allen, “About 5 years ago someone asked me to stream a gig live on second life for hundreds of thousNds of bitcoins, “as if” I said. #idiot #idiot” Based on what Bitcoin is worth at the moment and assuming Allen isn’t exaggerating when she said “hundreds of thousands”, she would have at the very least walked away with a whopping $84 million for her performance! However like we said, not many would have predicted Bitcoin gaining so much value over the past few years, and for all we know it could be a bubble waiting to burst, but had Allen accepted the payment and cashed in when Bitcoin was at its highest, she could have easily retired right there and then.

Anyone else have any regret stories about not getting in on Bitcoin when they should have?

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